few c# bug to murder

Hi everyone, I am looking for coder (a.k.a hitman) to kill em bugs. have attached the todo task list. kindly refer to it and let’s get started! (Budget: $10 – $100 USD, Jobs: C# Programming)

Traffic simulation problem in c linux

I am looking for someone who is experienced about C,Linux and OS synchronization (Budget: $20 – $25 USD, Jobs: C Programming, Linux)

I wanna have a POS cryptocurrency

Hi, I wanna have a POS cryptocurrency that coin holders don’t need to run a wallet in order to get rewards. For example, a holder with 1 mil coin in the address and doesn’t have any withdrawal transaction… (Budget: $250 – $750 USD, Jobs: C Programmin…

JAVA APP NDK And PHP YII Framework Developer —

Searching for PHP Java Developer. -Website Work (extending) is managed by restaurant owner -Table Booking System, Table Design System also if restaurant has multiple floors download link: (mp4) https://we.tl/t-cAyN7eiSF2… (Budget: $30 – $250 AUD,…

Flash Game conversion to Unity(C#)

We have over 50 games that we want to convert from Flash to Unity. Some of the games are more complex than others, but all are fairly simple web-browser games that can be played on a desktop machine now, but need to also be able to be played on mobile …

SIGSEGV: how map the error line and get an exception from a segfault

I would like to know how to find the class and the location where the error occurred using C++ in ndk. I would also like to know how to keep the program running even after a segfault. I have this function… (Budget: $30 – $250 USD, Jobs: Android, C+…

Develop Chrome application for website navigation

Develop Chrome application for website navigation (Budget: $250 – $750 USD, Jobs: C# Programming, Google Chrome, JavaScript, PHP, Software Architecture)

An urgent C programming work

i need the help of a very good expert in C programming for a very urgent task, working on some codeblocks but facing some issues….many thanks (Budget: $10 – $30 AUD, Jobs: Algorithm, C Programming, C# Programming, C++ Programming, Software Architecture)

Apple app issue

App code is in objective-C, facing one error, need some help to resolve it and make it live. Please check error in attached image. it’s small task and budget is fixed USD 20 to 30 USD. (Budget: $10 – $30 USD, Jobs: C++ Programming, iPad, iPhone, Mobile…

寻找精通socket 网络编程技术,有多年的iocp/p2p架构和开发经验

寻找精通socket 网络编程技术,有多年的iocp/p2p架构和开发经验 (Budget: $3000 – $5000 USD, Jobs: C Programming, C++ Programming, Software Architecture)