Raspberry Pi Camera

I want to set up a wireless streaming camera over cellular data. The camera will be installed in heavy construction equipment and will transmit video to the main dispatch located miles away. Camera has to be self contained in a unit with Power, networ…

Show overlays on video using omxplayer — 2

I want to show overlays on video using omxplayer on raspberry pi. See attached picture (Budget: $10 – $100 USD, Jobs: Raspberry Pi)

Raspberry PI as webserver

§1 Introduction I have a project to measure the humidity of air . It includes Hardware :  Raspberry RPI 3B  Home design PCB where I connect y humidity sensor connected to RPI thru GPIO  7” Raspberry… (Budget: $30 – $250 USD, Jobs: Embedded Softwar…

Customized application for streaming music

Need customized streaming player to run on RaspberriPi using SHOUTcast or ICEcast protocol. Will need a GUI interface to provide basic incoming information (like incoming playlist & open mic cues). Needs to integrate with main music server… (Budg…

Help sensor/s displaying through Node-Red

Hi I need help displaying the correct readings for my 2 sensors. -I have one working and displaying through node red (however incorrect values) -Don’t know how to connect the other one. This is through the Raspberry Pi and an ADC converter… (Budget:…

Raspberry Pi developer – OpenCV objects counter in movement

!!! Only for a developer who has RPi with camera (or IP cam) !!! !!! I will pay for a complete image with working software on it. !!! Need software that will run smoothly on RPi3 or RPi4. This software will count people crossing line IN/OUT and write…

Raspberry Pi OpenCV Expert

I am playing video using OpenCV on Raspberry Pi but the video is being played very slowly. I want it to run at the original FPS. (Budget: $10 – $100 USD, Jobs: Linux, OpenCV, Python, Raspberry Pi)

Python PyQT5 Expert

I have a PyQT5 based media player on my Raspberry Pi. It plays images but it is unable to play videos. I want you to fix it and make it to play videos. (Budget: $10 – $100 USD, Jobs: Linux, Python, Raspberry Pi, Software Architecture)

Swimming pool

Control poolpump and solinoid valves with raspberry pi via smartphone app (Budget: $30 – $250 USD, Jobs: C Programming, Raspberry Pi)

Need Embeded developer for build IOT devices

Need freelancer to help me to build some GPS and sensor based IOT devices (Budget: ₹12500 – ₹37500 INR, Jobs: Arduino, GPS, Python, Raspberry Pi, Wireless Sensors)